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    How To Import and Assign Custom Ringtones on Android Phones

    How To Import and Assign Custom Ringtones on Android Phones

    In this article, we'll describe how to set a Custom Ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Phones running Android operating systems and then how to assign Ringtones to your individual contacts.  

    Samsung Galaxy Phones come with generic Ringtones shared by millions of people. Installing Custom Ringtones is the easiest way to stand out from the crowd while expressing your personal style. 

    If you purchased a Custom Ringtone from, please download the file on your phone from the Download Link that was sent to the email address you specified at checkout.  

    Custom Ringtones that you have downloaded will appear in My Files > Audio files > Download

    You can make it easy to find your Downloaded Custom Ringtones by moving them to your Ringtones folder. If you don't feel like doing that, you can find them using Sound Picker interface when setting a Custom Ringtone (we'll cover this later in the article). 

    Moving Custom Ringtone files to your Ringtones Folder 

    1. Swipe up on your unlocked phone and open My Files   

    2. Click on Audio under Categories 

    3. Scroll down and open Download

    4. Find your recently downloaded Custom Ringtone and select it by hold your finger on the file name for about a second 

    5. Click Move in the bottom left hand corner of the screen

    6. Click the Back Arrow Icon on the top left to exit the Download folder

    7. Now, click the Ringtone folder in the Audio Files menu 

    8. To move your Custom Ringtone, click Move Here on the bottom right

    Once you have downloaded a Custom Ringtone and assigned it to your Ringtones folder, it's time to activate your new Ringtone on your Android phone. The process of setting up a Ringtone may vary slightly by device & operating system.  

    Setting up a Custom Ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Phone / Android: 

    1. Open Settings on your Samsung phone

    2. Select Sounds and Vibration

    3. Open the Ringtone menu

    4. Tap + in the upper-right corner 

    5. The Ringtones Menu will open

    6. Use Search (top right) or the Bottom Navigation Menu to find the Custom Ringtone in the Device Folders

    7. Imported Ringtones appear under Custom in the Ringtone Menu 

    8. Select the Custom Ringtone that you want to set but clicking the radio button to the left 

    Assign Custom Ringtones to contacts on Android

    Android devices allow you to assign different Custom Ringtones to different callers from your list of contacts. This can help you recognize different contacts without having to look at your phone when your phone rings. For example, you can assign a Custom Ringtone that you associate with a particular friend or family member. 

    1. Access your Contacts on your Samsung Galaxy phone

    2. Selecting a contact will open the Info Menu.  

    3. Tap the Edit icon at the bottom

    4. Select View more to expand more categories

    5. Scroll to Ringtone and open the Ringtones Menu

    6. Select the ringtone that you want to assign under Custom in the Ringtone Menu. (Tapping the red minus icon beside a ringtone will remove it!)

    If you haven't imported any Ringtones yet, you can import Custom Ringtones using the Sound Picker. 

    1. Click the + Icon in the top right corner of the Ringtones Menu. 

    2. Browse through your Audio Files and Select a Custom Ringtone to assign to a contact. 

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